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No matter where you live – in Alabama or anywhere else in the country – you buy or use consumer products every day. You’re probably reading this on a computer or smartphone bought through the consumer marketplace. The vehicle in which you commuted to work or the grocery store is a product. The food you consumed for your last meal was a product. So are your medications and cosmetics.

Federal and Alabama law require consumer products be designed, manufactured, tested, marketed and sold under safe and truthful conditions. If a manufacturer or retailer ignores these laws, defective products can end up on store and pharmacy shelves that put consumers at risk of personal injury. Defective products can cause immediate injury or cause health conditions over years of prolonged use.

If you suffered injury from a defective or dangerous product, you could be eligible for compensation for your injuries under product liability law. The Florence lawyers at Mezrano Law Firm are experienced in proving negligence on the part of product manufacturers and working to protect your rights.

Common types of product defects

When a defective product causes someone harm or injury, they might have a case against either the manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler or other party, depending on the type of defect. There may even be multiple parties involved.

Types of product defects can include:

  • Design defects. A design defect can be a flaw that goes all the way back to the original blueprint of a product. This flaw makes the product dangerous for consumers to use, and the defect is found in all of the manufactured products.
  • Manufacturing defects. Usually, manufacturing defects are found in only a small percentage of a product run or batch. The manufacturer is liable, however, for any and every defect that occurs throughout the construction, build or manufacturing process.
  • Warning defects. Some products pose a safety risk no matter how well they’re designed (for example, an infant crib or a chainsaw). They can be dangerous and cause injury if not used correctly, so they require instructions and warnings on proper use of the product. If a potentially dangerous product lacks reasonable safety warnings and instructions, consumers can be needlessly injured.

If you or a loved one suffered harm from a defective product, our Florence legal team can answer all your questions and ease your concerns.

Types of Florence product liability cases

Just like every person, every accident and every injury, every product liability case is different. However, there tend to be three broad categories these cases fall into:

  • Negligence. Negligence means that lack of care in design and manufacture of the product led directly to your injuries. Product manufacturers owe consumers a duty of care to deliver a safe product to market. When they breach this duty of care and cause harm, they can be held liable for your injuries. Negligence can occur during any phase of design, manufacturing and marketing – creating and reviewing design, maintaining and repairing machines, inspecting and testing the product and its ingredients, or marketing the product itself.
  • Strict liability. Under the theory of strict liability, you only have to prove that a product defect exists, and you were injured as a result. If the defect does indeed exist, the manufacturer may be strictly liable for your injuries, whether or not they exercised safety during the manufacture of their product. Our defective product attorneys are happy to explain in more detail.
  • Breach of warranty. When consumers purchase a product, they rely on two warranties. An express warranty is the safety and product information provided to you by the manufacturer or retailer when you purchase the product. An implied warranty is the implied promise by the manufacturer that they’ve provided a safe product free of defects.

Liability for defective product claims

As we talked about earlier, depending on your particular situation, you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries from one or more parties. Any responsible or negligent party in the entire chain of product distribution could be held responsible for a defective product injury, including the:

  • Manufacturer. A product manufacturer could be as huge as a Fortune 500 corporation or as small as an individual running a home-based business. Depending on the size and complexity of the product, you may want to make a claim against the manufacturer of a specific defective part in the product, as well as the manufacturer of the overall product.
  • Retailer. When retailers offer products for sale, they’re also making an implicit agreement that these products are safe for consumer use. Even though they weren’t involved in manufacturing the product, retailers can still be held liable for selling dangerous merchandise.
  • Wholesaler. Because they act as middlemen between manufacturers and retailers, wholesalers can also be held liable for distributing defective products.

Any or all of these entities could be found responsible for your injuries and losses, with the assistance of experienced product liability attorneys.

Recovering damages in a Florence product liability case

Trying to recover from injuries after an accident can be overwhelming. Dealing with medical bills combined with lost wages isn’t easy, and it’s important to hold the negligent parties responsible. You do have recourse and we can help – you may be eligible for several types of damages when harmed by a dangerous product.

These can include:

  • Medical expenses, current and future
  • Lost wages and future earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering

In some situations, you can also be awarded punitive damages, which are designed to punish the negligent party and deter them and others from further careless conduct.

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