our skillful team of Mezrano Alabama Social Security disability lawyer will support you

Are You Disabled and Can’t Work Anymore? Get the Social Security Disability Benefits You Deserve

A forced retirement is not the kind of retirement you can enjoy. You have bills to pay and a family to support.

If you’ve been diagnosed with a disability that is expected to last over a year, you may be entitled to claim Social Security Disability benefits.

Hard work should never go unrewarded. A physical disability shouldn’t turn into the cause of financial paralysis. You deserve to have financial security for as long as you need if a disability has disrupted your career.

However, it’s not easy to access these benefits unless you take the right legal steps at the right time. You should know that only 30 percent of people who file for SSD benefits get their application approved. The filing process is complex and people often miss out on essential details to build a strong claim. However, you can still appeal your rejected claim and get your SSD benefits.

Mezrano’s Alabama Social Security Disability Lawyer will fight for what you’re owed as we guide you through applying for benefits and throughout the appeals process. Call us for a FREE consultation and we’ll get the ball rolling to secure your SSD benefits.

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Understanding Social Security Disability Benefits

Here are some of the essential conditions you must meet to qualify for SSD benefits:

  • You’re an American citizen or a legal resident.
  • You’re diagnosed with a physical disability that prevents you from doing your job, and the disability is expected to last over a year
  • You meet the necessary work credit requirements.
  • You’ve paid enough in Social Security taxes

You can also file an SSD claim if you’re a disabled widow/widower, suffering from blindness or low vision, a disabled child, or a wounded military service member.

A woman sitting at her kitchen table stressed as she navigates social security disability Losing your livelihood without any solid savings is like being in a drowning boat, especially when inflation is making things so tough.

A lot of people feel reluctant to seek SSD benefits because it makes them feel helpless. It makes them feel like they’re dependent on handouts.

But the truth is SSD is a safety net that you’ve earned. Your hard work and taxes have gone into supporting your company and the government. There’s no dignity in spiraling into deeper debt paying medical bills and struggling to make ends meet for the rest of your life.

You and your loved ones deserve better.

The size of your SSD compensation depends on your work history. The average monthly SSD benefit check given to Alabama residents is $1,333.89. However, highly experienced workers may be awarded up to $3,600 per month. You can visit the SSA.gov website to check what your potential SSD paycheck would look like.

The Mezrano Approach: Dedicated to Your Success

Mezrano’s Alabama injury lawyers understand how overwhelming things can be for victims adjusting to their disability. We maintain a client-centric approach prioritizing compassion and compensation.

We also offer a “no win, no fee” model. It means your success comes before our fees. You only have to pay us when we secure your claim.

Expertise in SSD Claims: Navigating the Complex Process

There are many moving parts in the process of seeking Social Security Disability benefits. But you won’t have to worry about decoding them. We’ll take charge of every step, whether it’s filing your application or an appeal.

We’re aware of all the rules and regulations of the Social Security disability claim process. We’ll help you gather all the necessary documentation to present your case compellingly to the Social Security Administration.

Journey Through the SSD Claims Process

The Social Security Administration wants clear answers to these 5 questions when you file an SSD claim:

  1. Are you working now?
  2. How severe is your medical condition?
  3. Is your medical condition part of their list of disabling impairments?
  4. Are you able to perform the work that you were doing previously?
  5. Can you take up any other job to support yourself reasonably?

Here’s how our Alabama Social Security Disability lawyer will step up to fight to secure your SSD benefits throughout the claims process:

  • Assisting you to file your application correctly by collecting any important details needed to fill out the online form.
  • Requesting an application reconsideration within 60 days if your claim was denied
  • Requesting a hearing in front of a judge in case your claim is denied after reconsideration
  • Filing an appeal with the Social Security Appeals Council if the judge denies your claim

Maximizing Benefits: The Appeals Process

The SSD Resource Center reported that almost 50 percent of appeals head before an Administrative Law Judge are approved. So don’t be discouraged if your application’s reconsideration is turned down. However, they also shared that clients with representation have a significantly better chance of getting their claims approved.

Your lawyer can simply use a “formula” to determine their client’s ability to learn a new skill or get a new job based on their current skill levels. Older disabled applicants above 50 have a strong chance of getting their appeal approved.

The only downside is that it could take nearly 12 months for your appeal to be heard in court.

Comprehensive Services Offered

Here’s how our skillful team of Mezrano Alabama Social Security disability lawyer will support you:Here’s how our skillful Mezrano Alabama Social Security disability lawyer will support you:

  • Identifying whether you qualify for SSD benefits or not
  • Providing a FREE case review to help you estimate what your claim is worth
  • Giving you legal advice at any stage of the SSD claims process (the sooner, the better!)
  • Gathering evidence to build your claim
  • Helping you file a strong and detailed initial application for SSD benefits
  • Appealing an SSD decision

Overcoming Challenges: Fighting Unjustified Denials

At Mezrano, we’re determined to fight against all unjustified denials. We believe in committing to your case like it’s going to trial from the moment you hire us.

So we do everything in our power to make your initial claim undeniable. And even if you face resistance, we’ll file an appeal to ensure your compensation comes through smoothly.

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