Alabama's Personal Injury Lawyer
Alabama's Personal Injury Lawyer


When you need a law firm that wants to win for you, you need Mezrano Law Firm

Our firm offers comprehensive representation to injury clients throughout Alabama. To schedule your free initial consultation with an experienced Alabama personal injury lawyer, get in touch today!
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Alabama's Personal Injury Attorneys

alabama car wrecks

The car accident lawyers you know and trust

Knowing the risks you face on the road is important, but it won’t help you if you’re hit by a negligent driver. That’s where Mezrano Law Firm comes in. Our Alabama injury attorneys have built our reputation on the work we do on behalf of truck accident and car accident victims, as well as for their families. You can rely on us for honest, genuine counsel for claims involving:

- Car accidents
- Tractor-trailer accidents
- Motorcycle crashes
- Motorcycle accidents
- Pedestrian and bicycle collisions
- Rideshare Accidents

Get the compensation you deserve

There are a lot of injury lawyers in Alabama, and choosing the best one for you can be overwhelming. You’re already faced with so many other decisions, and we understand the temptation of simply looking up a firm online and clicking on the first advertisement you see.

But when your back is against the wall, the attorney you choose can be the difference between ensuring your family’s security, and a lifetime of heartbreak.
military veteran

Special considerations for veterans and service people

We are blessed to live in a country that has given us, and our families, the right to be free. We know that right has come with a cost, and we are grateful to the men and women who serve, and have served, to protect us all. 

If you are on active duty, you are barred from suing the federal government for medical malpractice, for the loss of your hearing due to defective 3M earplugs, or if you get hurt on the job. 

However, active duty personnel and federal employees may be able to make a claim under the Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FECA), and veterans may be entitled to service-connected disability compensation.

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Experienced injury lawyers fighting for families throughout Alabama

Catastrophic personal injury

These life-altering injuries can be caused by another driver, a defective product, or an act of medical malpractice. They affect everyone in the family. We help your loved ones plan ahead, too, so they can adapt alongside you. We also fight to set you up for any future medical expenses, too.

Product liability claims

Manufacturers often weigh the cost of a recall against the cost of a lawsuit before determining whether or not to pull a product from the shelves. That’s why you’ve seen so many stories about cars catching on fire, or people’s artificial hips poisoning them from the inside out. If a defective product harmed you, we’re here to help.

Sexual abuse and assault

Sexual assault can leave physical, emotional, and psychological scars. We understand the courage it takes for survivors to come forward, and we are proud to fight for justice on your behalf.

Premises liability claims

You know those “wet floor” signs you see after a rainstorm? Property owners have to put those up, because if you fall and get hurt, they could be liable. If you slipped or tripped on someone else’s property; were bitten or attacked by a pet, livestock, or an emotional support animal; were hit by a falling object; or sustained an injury because of an act of violence or negligence, call us today.

Nursing home abuse and negligence

Alabama is aging pretty rapidly. There are more than 200 nursing homes in our state, offering short-term and long-term residential care. If your elderly loved one sustained injuries, or was subject to abuse or neglect, you do have options. Contact us to learn more about your rights, and your loved one’s rights, in a nursing home, rehabilitation center, or assisted living facility.

Workers’ compensation, Disability, and other injury claims

When you get hurt on the job, or sustain an injury that leaves you unable to work temporarily or permanently, you deserve some assurances that you’ll be taken care of in the long run. You could be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, or to Social Security Disability. If you are not eligible for those programs, however, you might need to file a third-party liability lawsuit, or file a claim under a different program provided by the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA), Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, or Jones Act, depending on your work.

If you were wrongfully terminated in retaliation for filing a claim for workers’ compensation, you may also be entitled to damages. Give us a call, and tell us about what happened. We can help you find the resources you need, or file a claim on your behalf.
"I was injured in an accident with an 18 wheeler and I hired Steven Mezrano and his team to help me. Steven and his staff were amazing they kept me informed my entire case and made the process extremely easy. 

The staff checked on me while I was injured and showed care and concern until the end. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney."

Karmen L.

Very kind! Very professional. I have not had any problems at all with my cases.

I spoke with three other firms before a friend recommended Mezrano law firm. One call was all it took.

So thank you, Steven Mezrano, for having such a great team!

Sharon M.

Mezrano Law Firm: Alabama’s Personal Injury Choice

Every day, we wake up and the world is still spinning. There’s work that needs to be done, bills that need to be paid, and loved ones that need to be cared for and helped. None of this changes, though, in the face of a catastrophic injury; providing for your family may get much, much harder.
Those challenges are what drive the Alabama personal injury lawyers of Mezrano Law Firm to do their best, every single day, for their clients. They know what you’re up against – not only in the immediate days and weeks following an accident, but in the months, or even years, of recovery ahead. When you need help and you don’t know where to turn, let Mezrano Law Firm be the one to help you. Contact us at any of our office locations throughout the state.
Representing Alabamans in personal injury claims
Sustaining a minor injury can be painful and inconvenient. Being seriously injured, however, can change your entire life. You might not be able to go to work. You might be saddled with auto and medical debts that you can’t afford. You might end up dipping into your kids’ college funds, or your retirement savings, or having to sell some belongings to keep the lights on. In the most tragic cases, it means losing your sense of self, or losing out on your future altogether.
At Mezrano Law Firm, we know that these are real concerns. We know that a traumatic brain injury could rob you of your memory. We know that a spinal cord injury could leave you unable to walk your child down the aisle. We know that internal organ damage and burn injuries could lead to transplants, infections, or chronic pain. That is why our Alabama personal injury lawyers are proud to fight for our clients. 
At Mezrano Law Firm, we believe in the basic tenets of hard work, commitment to a cause, and the willingness to see something through to the end. We believe that all people deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, and that we are tasked with doing the best we can for our community, our clients, and our fellow men and women. That means not giving up in the face of giant insurance companies, or when the process will be hard. It also means going above and beyond for the people who trust us to help them after an accident; not only now, when they are hurt and scared, but in the future, too. We are there to help when they’re trying so hard to get their lives back.
Our compassion for our clients is what drives us. We are formidable negotiators and fierce litigators, and we prepare every case we take for a trial. There is always someone to answer your call, and we make sure to keep you updated about every aspect of your case.
When you need a law firm that wants to win for you, you need Mezrano Law Firm.


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