Case Results


Wrongful Death Claim

Client’s family was awarded $2 million in a wrongful death claim. The driver of a refrigerator box truck turned left in front of a motorcycle. The truck driver was drunk at the time, and the motorcycle rider was killed instantly in the collision.


Truck Accident

Client received insurance payout for the wrongful death of her mother after a tow truck caused a head-on collision on the highway.


Commercial Vehicle Accident

Client received compensation for medical bills and auto repair for auto accident that caused traumatic brain injury and the need for neck surgery.


18-Wheeler Accident

Client compensated for shoulder surgery after a major auto collision involving an 18-wheeler.


18-Wheeler Accident

Client suffered traumatic brain injury and knee surgery after an 18-wheeler ran a stop sign and struck their vehicle.


Under-insured Car Accident

Client was severely injured in a wreck in 2011, and spent years fighting AllState to recover the compensation he was owed under his policy. The jury returned a verdict in favor of our client in 30 minutes.


Commercial Vehicle Accident

Client’s car was side-swiped and flipped uncontrollably. Our lawyers provided legal guidance to ensure full compensation for chiropractic care.


Rear-end Car Accident

Client was hit form behind while dropping her child off at school. After several treatments with a chiropractor, she visited a neurologist who diagnosed her with a subdural hematoma and post-concussion syndrome. She will suffer with vertigo for the rest of her life. Mezrano Law Firm secured $150,000 from the driver who hit her, and then sued our client’s insurance company, Geiuo, for payment. Geico originally refused to pay, but after learning about our verdict against AllState, Geico offered the full policy limits to our client, bringing her total award to $250,000.