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Alabama's Personal Injury Lawyer
Alabama's Personal Injury Lawyer

Birmingham Personal Injury Lawyers

Birmingham Personal Injury Lawyers

Fighting for families throughout Alabama

After a severe injury, everyday life can become more complex. Aside from the doctors’ visits and chronic pain, there are worries about how to pay the bills, take care of your kids, and how long your recovery will take. At Mezrano Law Firm, we know that you might feel overwhelmed and could use some help. Our Birmingham personal injury lawyers have guided Alabama clients through rough times. If you or your loved one is hurt, call us to learn how we can help.

How Much Does a Birmingham Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

We work on a contingency basis for premises liability and personal injury. A contingency fee means we do not charge you anything unless we win a settlement in or out of court. This fee structure ensures we work hard for your case and that you don't have even more out-of-pocket expenses during a stressful time. At Mezrano Law Firm, we off contingency fee schedules for other practice areas such as:

What Does a Birmingham Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

Lawyers spend a lot of time in courtrooms on TV and in film. They don’t show all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into a case. If you’ve never hired a personal injury lawyer before, then you probably don’t know what we do. On any given day, our team:

  • Reviews your medical records
  • work with medical experts
  • Deals with your insurance company
  • Hires accident reconstructionists
  • Interviews witnesses to your accident and takes depositions.

In short, a Birmingham personal injury lawyer doesn’t just go to court to fight for your rights. We take the time to get to know you and your family while we build a case to prove you have been hurt and are entitled to damages.

Common Personal Injury Claims in Birmingham

Mezrano Law Firm handles all personal injury claims on behalf of our clients. If someone else caused you harm through their negligence, we are available to help, no matter what. We are the law firm you can trust for injuries resulting from:

Whether you've sustained whiplash, suffered a traumatic brain injury, sustained severe burns, or lost a loved one because of someone else's negligence, we will be there to help. If it turns out that you have been rendered permanently disabled, we can help you file for Social Security Disability Insurance. In addition, we can ensure you have the right tools and resources for your claim if you need to collect workers' compensation.

What is the Statute Of Limitations for Personal Injury Cases?

How long you have to file your injury lawsuit depends on what kind of case it is. The statutes of limitation for injury claims are:

  • Accidental personal injury: 2 years
  • Medical malpractice: 2 years
  • Wrongful death: 2 years
  • Intentional injury: 6 years

The clock starts running on the date you were injured or could have reasonably known you were injured. This is why it is imperative to seek medical attention after you have been hurt. Then call a Birmingham personal injury lawyer right away.

What Kind of Compensation Can I Get for My Injuries?

Every case is different, but generally speaking, you can receive three categories of compensation after an injury.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are the types of losses and costs that you can calculate. They include your medical bills, the costs of your prescriptions, your property damages, and any lost wages. If you have to build a wheelchair ramp, or if a brain injury leaves you unable to work in the same job, your potential earning capabilities drop – all of these are covered under economic damages, too.

Non-economic damages

Non-economic damages include pain and suffering or loss of companionship. In addition, if an injury causes emotional or mental trauma, that is covered, too.

Punitive damages

Punitive damages punish the wrongdoer for particularly egregious behavior or extreme negligence. They are rare in most civil cases but not impossible to obtain. The state allows punitive damages at 3x the total but puts a hard cap at $1.5 million.

That means that if you are awarded $200,000 in economic and non-economic damages, the most you can be awarded in punitive damages is $600,000. However, if you are awarded $5 million in combined monetary and non-economic damages, you cannot be awarded more than $1.5 million in punitive damages.

How Much is My Case Worth?

That depends.  The amount of compensation you may be entitled to be based on many factors: what your bills are, how much money you lost in terms of wages, how severe your injury is, etc. As we go through the discovery phase of your case, we will build a solid compensation amount.

Helpful Information About Birmingham

Entertainment, activities, nature, and resources are abundant here in Birmingham, Alabama. There is something for everyone here, from multiple museums and art galleries to local nature parks and recreational trails. And you can't forget the food! Birmingham is also known as the "Dinner Table of the South" because of the flourishing food and dining scene. You can find the best barbecue in the country here and many other dishes influenced by the American South. Birmingham offers endless entertainment opportunities, such as live music venues and the infamous Robert Trent Golf Trail.

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Birmingham personal injury lawyers on your side

Serious injuries need serious representation, Mezrano Law Firm helps the injured throughout Alabama. To schedule your free initial consultation with an experienced Birmingham personal injury lawyer, please call 205-206-6300 or fill out our contact form.

If you have a case, you have a lawyer. Contact us today today to learn more.

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