Alabama's Personal Injury Lawyer
Alabama's Personal Injury Lawyer

Mezrano Law Firm has Alabama's top personal injury lawyers. Whether you were injured in a car accident or in medical malpractice, you have rights, and we will fight for them. Reach out to our firm today for a free consultation about your choices.

Alabama Personal Injury Lawyers

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Serving the Injured Throughout Alabama

If you have been injured because of someone else’s negligence, and you are ready to pursue compensation for your injuries and losses, our Alabama personal injury lawyers are ready to represent you. Mezrano Law Firm is quickly becoming one of Alabama's top personal injury law firms. We want to be your first choice when you have sustained a severe injury and are searching for a firm to represent you.

How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

At Mezrano Law Firm, we work on a contingency basis. A contingency fee schedule means we do not charge you anything unless we win a settlement in or out of court. This fee structure ensures we work hard for your case and that you don't have even more out-of-pocket expenses during a stressful time. We also offer contingency fee schedules for other practice areas such as:

How Does a Personal Injury Case Work?

While you are receiving medical treatment and recovering from your injuries, we start gathering evidence and investigating your case. Once your demand package is put together, we can demand the most from the private party. If you have never worked with an injury law firm before, here is a quick outline of the process we follow with new clients.

1. Consultation

After your accident, you will consult with an experienced Alabama personal injury lawyer to discuss how your injury occurred. You will explain what injuries you suffered, your medical expenses so far and how much time you have missed at work attending to the injury. At Mezrano Law Firm, this consultation is free, and you are under no obligation to hire us after this evaluation of your case.

2. Investigation

After you have hired us, we initiate an investigation of the accident or incident that caused your injury. Your lawyer will contact witnesses, medical experts, accident reconstruction experts, and other specialists.

3. Preparation of the demand package

With all the evidence of what caused your injury, your lawyer will develop a demand letter that gets delivered to the opposing side. The demand package includes an outline of your damages, which includes:

  • medical expenses
  • lost wages
  • any permanent injuries
  • future medical costs
  • pain and suffering

4. Mediation

We will work on a settlement with the opposing party during the mediation stage. Sometimes this phase is quick, but most of the time there's a lot of back and forth so prepare for it to be a few months if not more.

5. Filing a personal injury lawsuit

Most personal injury cases are settled before they reach the trial stage, but if negotiations have failed, we will schedule a court date. Our Alabama personal injury lawyers have litigation experience and will take your case to court if that is what is required.

6. Discovery

Before the trial, both parties exchange information, which helps each party estimate the strength of the other's case.

7. Trial

In a trial, both sides present their cases, and a jury will evaluate the facts on each side, determine who is at fault, and award damages if appropriate. If dissatisfied with the trial's outcome, you may appeal the case.

Personal Injury Cases We Take

Our Alabama personal injury lawyers have represented clients injured in the following accidents and incidents.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are one of the most common causes of personal injury in the U.S. Whether you walked away with minor or major injuries, we can help you recover the compensation you need.

Truck Accidents

A collision with a tractor-trailer can cause catastrophic injuries and fatalities. If you survived an accident with a tractor-trailer or lost a loved one in a truck wreck, we are here to get justice for you.

Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle injuries can be devastating because riders have no protection from the impact of other motor vehicles or the road.

Wrongful Death

When you have lost a loved one because of the reckless negligence of someone else, Mezrano Law Firm holds those responsible accountable.

Medical Malpractice

Preventable medical mistakes are one of the country's top three leading causes of death. Physicians and other medical professionals owe their patients a duty of care. When a doctor’s medical error causes your injury, we are here to help.

Nursing Home Abuse

Whether an elder is not receiving adequate care and protection or whether they are being injured intentionally, elder abuse is never OK. If you think your loved one is being neglected or abused, you have a duty to report it. Our Alabama nursing home abuse lawyers are here to fight for justice.

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With more than 40 years of combined legal experience, the Alabama personal injury lawyers at Mezrano Law Firm have earned a reputation for attentive client care. We will fight aggressively, pursuing justice on our client's behalf. To schedule your free initial consultation with an experienced Alabama personal injury lawyer, please call 205-206-6300 or fill out our contact form.

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