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What To Do After A Dog Bite?

A dog bite may be more severe than you think and can happen because the dog is scared, startled, or threatened. The wounds can get potentially fatal if an infection persists. So, if a dog bites you, care for your injuries first and seek legal help from a our dog bit lawyer to get the compensation you deserve.

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A dog is a man’s best friend and makes your life joyful and meaningful. However, being bitten by a dog can be distressing and cause serious, permanent injuries. According to the CDC, out of the 90+ million dogs in the United States, records suggest close to 4.7 million dog bites yearly. More than 800,000 people receive medical aid, and over 28,000 undergo reconstructive surgeries.

What Should You Do If A Dog Bites You?

Dog bite injuries are a serious issue and can lead to costly medical bills, missed work, or loss of quality of life. If a dog bites you at work, in a park, or on personal property, seek immediate medical attention. Open wounds, and even minor scratches, are susceptible to infections and other complications. Thus, these must be cared for adequately.
Alert the police and gather information about the dog’s owner, including contact information and a photo of his or her identification, if available. You’ll also want to know if the dog has had its recent vaccinations. Talk to witnesses and get their written statements for your safety. Also, if possible, take photographs of the injury and your surroundings.
If the wound is anywhere near the face, seek help from a cosmetic surgeon since emergency rooms may not be equipped to handle exceptional cases. Your medical practitioner would then suggest further steps on proper healing.

The Law Protects The Victim Against Dog Bites

What To Do After A Dog Bite

Dog bites affect the lives of many. Children and the elderly are at the most risk of injuries. You may have legal options if you aren't the owner if a dog bites at you or a loved one. The laws generally favor the victim upon proving that:
  • The victim was lawfully present on the property where the incident happened
  • The victim wasn’t provoking the dog
Further, those states with “Strict Liability” laws hold the owner liable for damages regardless of the circumstances. Dog bite injury victims can recover damages for medical expenses, emotional trauma, and lost earnings, among other damages.

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