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Social Security Disability Insurance is a program that workers who are regular employees who pay into FICA payroll taxes might qualify for if they become disabled. While SSDI is free, because you have been paying into it likely for decades, it is far from automatic to get approved to receive the monthly cash benefits as only about a third of those who apply will be approved.

At Mezrano Law Firm, we represent your interests as we guide you through the process of applying for benefits, and throughout the appeals process should that be required. You are welcome to discuss your case with a trusted Alabama Social Security Disability lawyer today. We take SSDI cases on contingency, so you do not pay attorney fees unless your claim for benefits is approved.

What are the basic requirements to qualify for SSDI benefits?

The following are the requirements you must meet to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance:

  • Be an American citizen or a legal resident.
  • Provide evidence that you have a disability that will last at least one year, or may cause your death.
  • Show that you have earned enough work credits within a certain time frame ending with the time you became disabled.

The SSA pays benefits only for total disability. They define disabled as:

  • You cannot do work you did before.
  • The SSA decides you cannot adjust to other work because of your medical condition(s).
  • Your disability has lasted or is expected to last at least one year or to result in death.

The SSA maintains a list of disabling medical conditions that they consider to be severe enough that it would prevent a person from completing substantial gainful activity (SGA), which is currently $1220.

How does the application process for Social Security Disability work?

Here is a brief overview of the application process for SSDI benefits:

The first thing you must do is file your application for disability benefits with the SSA, which requires an accurately completed application form, medical evidence, and any other supporting documentation required. Given that only about one third of applicants will be approved at the initial application stage, you will most likely begin to move through the appeals process.


If your initial claim for benefits is not approved, you can file an appeal within 60 days to have your application reconsidered by a fresh set of eyes who were not involved in reviewing the initial application. Alabama will reinstitute this step in 2020; for now, claimants move directly to the hearing.

Social Security Disability hearing

If your reconsideration was denied, you will have 60 days to request an appeal hearing with an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). The ALJ has the discretion to approve your application, deny it, or return it for another review. The hearing is a prime opportunity to have your case considered by a judge, and your chances of approval at a hearing are significantly better than at any other stage in the appeals process.

Appeals council

The appeals council will consider your case if the ALJ's ruling was not favorable for you. The challenge here is that the appeals council does not approve many applications, and you could wait more than a year for a hearing date.

Federal District Court

This is the venue of last resort for appealing a denied SSDI application. They can approve or deny your application, but they can also send it back to the SSA for another review.

Where are the local Social Security Administration offices in Alabama?

Alabama is part of the Atlanta region, which covers eight states. There are 22 SSA offices in the Alabama area some of which include:


District Office-1st Floor
1200 Rev Abraham Woods Jr Blvd N
Birmingham, AL 35285
Phone: 1-800-772-1213
TTY:      1-800-325-0778


4344 Carmichael Rd.
Montgomery, AL 36106
Phone: 1-866-593-0914
TTY:      1-334-272-0076


204 Enterprise Drive
Gadsden, AL 35904
Phone: 1-877-316-4418
TTY:      1-800-648-8361


203 South Walnut Street
Florence, AL 35630
Phone: 1-855-884-3407
TTY:      1-256-764-3116


550 Government St.
Mobile, AL 36602
Phone: 1-866-593-1922
TTY:      1-800-325-0778


2005 University Blvd.
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401
Phone: 1-877-480-4988
TTY:      1-800-325-0778


How can a Social Security Disability lawyer help me?

Chances are, you have probably never applied for SSDI benefits. It is a complicated process with many moving parts but getting through the application process is what stands between you and getting approved for the monthly benefits you and your family need. When you have access to an experienced Alabama SSDI attorney from Mezrano Law Firm, you have a trusted advocate who has guided many clients before you through the process of applying for benefits.

We know what kind of evidence the SSA is looking for to prove your disability, we know how to present a strong case which can greatly improve your chance of getting approved for disability benefits. Why try to plow through such a daunting process on your own, when you can greatly improve your chances of getting approved without the need to pay for a lawyer up front?

How does my SSDI attorney get paid?

The Social Security Administration has rules governing how SSDI lawyers get paid for their services. When a lawyer accepts a case, he or she creates a contingency fee agreement with the client, and then the agreement must be submitted to the SSA to be approved. A contingency fee means that the attorney gets paid only when you win your case and are awarded benefits. Once the agreement is approved, the SSA will pay your lawyer from your back pay once you are approved for benefits. The SSA limits the amount your attorney can get paid to no more than $6,000 or 25% of your back pay, whichever is less.

Applying for SSDI benefits is tedious with many details to consider. Having an experienced Alabama Social Security Disability lawyer on your side will not guarantee that your claim will be approved, but you greatly increase your chances by having a skilled professional on your side.

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