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Montgomery Social Security Disability Lawyer

You work hard for a living and take pride in what you do and what you earn for doing it. And that’s part of what makes it so hard if you get sick or injured and can’t work. In addition to physical pain and medical issues, you’re likely dealing with financial and emotional stress – and looking for the answers to many questions. Contacting a Montgomery Social Security Disability Lawyer from Mezrano Law Firm is a great first step.

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Nobody – and indeed no family – is going to get by for too long these days without a regular paycheck. If you’re involved in an accident or develop an illness, you may need to access the money available to you through Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. These programs were designed to protect American workers and citizens – however, many people run into problems when trying to get the help they need.

The Montgomery SSDI attorneys at Mezrano Law Firm understand you need and deserve those benefits. We can help you review and file your initial claim or we can help work on an appeal if your claim has been denied. Talk to us today.

Note: The local Montgomery Social Security office is located at 4344 Carmichael Rd Suite 100, Montgomery, Alabama, 36106. You can reach them at 1-866-593-0914.

Types of Social Security Disability benefits

Montgomery Social Security Disability Lawyer

The federal government designed Social Security and Supplemental Security Disability programs to provide financial assistance to disabled individuals under age 65 who cannot work. If you can’t join or re-join the workforce due to physical injury or disability, you may be eligible for SSDI benefits.

If you’re unsure what benefit you may be entitled to, consult an experienced attorney. The following are common Social Security Disability benefits:

  • Social Security Disability Insurance. SSDI is designed for employees who can no longer work due to disability but have been paying Social Security via payroll taxes. Applicants must meet the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) definition of disability (which we’ll discuss more below). Typically, the amount of SSDI, a person, is awarded depends on their current lifetime earnings.
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI). SSI is a program designed for people with disabilities who also have limited income and assets. They also may not have paid into the payroll tax system.
  • Disabled widow/widower benefits. Widows and widowers over 50 may also be eligible for their spouse’s SSDI benefits if the couple was married for at least ten years.

Eligibility for Social Security Disability Insurance in Montgomery

To be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits, you must be able to prove that you can no longer work. The SSA requires evidence that you meet certain criteria to be considered disabled. You must be able to show that you are unable to:

  • Engage in substantial and gainful activity due to a medical, physical, or mental ailment that may result in death or has lasted, or can be expected to last, for at least one year
  • Perform the requirements of the job they held before they became impaired
  • Adjust to other types of work because of the physical or psychological impairment combined with their level of education, age, and experience

The SSA recognizes many, many health conditions and illnesses as qualifying for benefits, including:

  • Blood disorders
  • Cardiovascular system impairments
  • Congenital disorders
  • Digestive system disorders
  • Endocrine disorders (hormonal imbalances)
  • Genitourinary system disorders (kidneys, bladder)
  • Immune system disorders (including HIV/AIDS)
  • Malignant growths and tumors
  • Malignant neoplastic diseases (malignant growth or tumors)
  • Mental disorders
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Neurological disorders
  • Respiratory system disorders
  • Sensory systems disorders (including speech)
  • Skin disorders

Reasons to work with a Montgomery SSDI attorney

You may hear a lot of statistics thrown around about how most first-time SSDI applicants are denied benefits. Many people might advise you to not even try. Our legal team is here to tell you don’t give up – whether it’s your initial claim or an appeal, we can work on strategies designed just for your specific situation. Even what appears to be the simplest paperwork can be complicated, and it’s important to get it all correct the first time, so you can start collecting your benefits as soon as possible.

Your SSDI attorney will ensure your application is accurate and complete, providing you with guidance and knowledge throughout the process. We’ll help strengthen your application by:

  • Documenting your physical or mental impairments preventing you from gainful activity
  • Demonstrating your disability significantly limits your activities
  • Getting second opinions about your disability to strengthen your claim
  • Keeping track of your claim and following up with the SSA

If your claim is approved, our team will work to the utmost to ensure you receive the maximum and fair amount to which you’re entitled for your disability. If your claim is denied for any reason, we’ll work on an appeal so you can secure the SSDI benefits you need. We have the experience and the knowledge to guide you and your claim from beginning to end.

Hardworking Montgomery SSDI lawyers

If your Social Security Disability claim was denied – or you’re getting ready to file an initial claim – the SSDI attorneys at Mezrano Law Firm can help. We know you’ve worked hard to earn these benefits and now is when you need them most. We’ll put our knowledge and strategy to work for you.

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Call us at (205) 654-8146 24/7 to arrange to speak with a personal injury lawyer about your case, or contact us through the website today.

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