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Gadsden Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Millions of people populate Alabama, most of whom are employed on construction sites, in offices, retail stores, warehouses, and more – supporting ourselves and our families and making Gadsden a great place to live. We give our employers valuable skills and knowledge; they provide us with wages and benefits. Most of the time, this exchange works well and goes without a problem. But what happens if you’re injured in an accident on the job? This is where a Gadsden workers’ compensation lawyer at Mezrano Law Firm comes in. We help you get the benefits and wages you need to get by while you heal from your injuries. You have a right to workers’ comp, and we ensure you receive the benefits you’re entitled to.

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What is workers’ compensation?

Gadsden Workers' Compensation Lawyer

First, here’s a brief explanation of workers’ compensation. A type of insurance and benefits program, workers’ compensation provides partial wages and medical care to workers injured. You're likely eligible if you’re hurt while performing your job duties. The workers’ compensation program is designed to protect workers' rights, health, and finances after work-related injuries – and they are part of your inherent rights as an employee.

Workers’ compensation is a “no-fault” system, which provides these benefits to injured workers without the worker having to prove that the employer was responsible for their injuries. Even if you were partially to blame for your work injury, you’re still eligible for benefits. However, you waive this right if you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs or behaving recklessly.

In exchange for removing this burden of proof, workers are limited in the benefits they can collect.

For example, workers’ compensation does not cover pain, suffering, or mental anguish. However, they can receive medical treatment for their injuries and partial wages (typically 2/3 of their average wages) when they cannot work. You can find more details about benefits on the Alabama Department of Labor website.

Who is eligible for workers’ compensation in Gadsden?

Any Alabama company or business with five or more full-time employees is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. And, an employee who suffers an injury or develops a medical condition as a result of their employment can file a workers’ comp claim. If workers die from an accident or injury, their surviving family members may be eligible for benefits.

There are, however, a few types of employees who may not qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. These might include domestic workers, farm laborers, independent contractors and temporary workers. If you’re unsure as to whether or not you qualify, talk to your employer or to a workers’ comp attorney.

Remember, workers’ compensation insurance covers almost any type of injury, provided it happened while you were performing your job. Although most job-related injuries happen at your place of employment, they can also happen during work travel (like a car accident) or on remote job sites. Workers’ comp also covers chronic conditions or previous injuries, as long as your job aggravated or exacerbated the condition. Sometimes injuries don’t show up for months or even years, so it’s important to get any injury or condition checked out by a medical professional.

What to do if you’re injured on the job in Gadsden

It’s important to act quickly if you experience an accident or injury at work. Protecting your rights to workers’ compensation is paramount, and taking the following steps can help maximize your chances for a successful claim.

  • File a report or notify your employer about your accident, injury or diagnosis as soon as possible (after seeking emergency medical treatment, if necessary). Your claim could be denied if you don’t report your injury within five days.
  • Ensure you follow the proper reporting protocol with your particular employer. You’re also required to notify your employer if your injury will prevent you from working. Again, this action can protect your claim.
  • You must also file a claim with the Alabama Department of Labor.
  • And, of course, see your doctor as soon as possible and follow all after-care and medication instructions. Even seemingly minor injuries should be checked out and followed up on, as major symptoms may take longer to appear.

How a Gadsden workers’ compensation lawyer can help

Even though having an attorney for a workers’ compensation claim is not required, having one on your side can provide skilled guidance and strategy. Because workers’ comp is a legally binding and complex process, your Gadsden attorney can assist with the necessary deadlines and paperwork. If your claim is denied, our legal team stands ready to help.

Reasons your workers’ compensation claim might be denied include:

  • Not giving the employer notice of your accident or injury within the required time
  • Failing a drug or alcohol test
  • Not seeking medical treatment or timely medical treatment
  • Suffering injury on the very first day of work
  • Filing a claim after receiving warnings or being terminated
  • Missing the deadline for filing a claim
  • Having a pre-existing condition or injury
  • Nobody witnessing your accident
  • Injury didn’t occur at work
  • Not using an authorized doctor

If your claim was denied, the attorneys at Mezrano Law Firm are happy to assist you in filing an appeal to secure the benefits you’ve worked for.

Your employer may also deny you workers’ compensation benefits for other reasons, or even retaliate against you for filing in the first place. Retaliation against an employee for filing is illegal, and your attorney can protect you. Our legal team is also well versed in the tactics employer’s insurance companies use to attempt to deny benefits – we have the strategies to fight them.

Tenacious Gadsden workers' compensation attorneys

The workers’ comp lawyers at Mezrano Law Firm protect the rights of employees throughout Gadsden. We help file your claim accurately and on time, represent you if your claim is denied and stand by you throughout the entire process. You deserve your benefits and we’re here to help.

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