What Happens During a Consultation with an Alabama Personal Injury Lawyer?Suffering an injury is never easy. You might spend weeks or months in the hospital and then even more time going through physical therapy. If the injury is serious enough, you might miss extended time at work, and be unable to provide for your family. Through all of this, you likely have considered consulting with an Alabama personal injury attorney about your case. Here’s what you can expect during the free consultation.

A confidential meeting to explore your case

It’s important to note that the consultation with an Alabama personal injury lawyer is confidential and held to explore your case. To start things off, the lawyer will want you to describe yourself a little bit – things like your job and your day to day activities, so there’s a clear picture of what you’ve lost from your injury. We want to know about your family, too, because serious injuries affect more than just one person.

Next, you’ll talk about what happened to you. Be as descriptive as possible when explaining the incident that left you injured. Tell us the weather conditions, the day, the circumstances, the injuries you suffered, and if there were any witnesses with whom the attorney can speak.

After you are through explaining your case, we can provide you with an honest assessment of your case and your chances of winning. It’s important to note that no personal injury lawyer can provide you with a definite number regarding compensation – and anyone who tells you they can probably isn’t being very honest.

Preparing for your consultation

Before you visit an attorney for your consultation, there’s some information you should gather up. Collect as many of these documents as you can to bring along with you to the meeting:

  • Police report
  • A list of medications and health issues stemming from the accident
  • A list of treatments you’ve undergone since the accident
  • A list of expenses stemming from the accident (receipts)
  • Insurance policy information
  • Correspondence with insurance companies
  • Videos or photos of the accident scene
  • Contact information for any witnesses

Make some notes, if you can, about what you remember. You should also bring a list of questions you have. Ask your family to write down their questions, too. We’ll probably answer almost all of them during the meeting before you even ask them, but it’s better to have a list, just in case.

Be prepared to answer questions

You should be prepared to answer a lot of questions about the accident during your personal injury consultation. Don’t take this the wrong way: your lawyer isn’t trying to make you feel bad. We’re trying to ascertain as much about the accident as possible. The questions he or she asks might trigger your memory, helping you provide them with even more pertinent information that helps your case.

And we might find some holes in your story, too. It’s okay. Sometimes, things come back to you over time, or maybe there was a mistake on the police report. It’s our job to find weak spots, so we know what kind of hurdles you’ll face. Just be honest and it’ll all be alright.

Suffering an injury in any type of accident can change your life in an instant. Mezrano Law Firm combines years of experience fighting for the rights of our clients just like you who have been injured because of someone else’s negligence. Call our office at 205-206-6300 or complete a contact form to schedule a free consultation. Our Alabama personal injury lawyers represent clients from our offices in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Mobile, Montgomery, Florence, and Gadsden.