Types of Catastrophic Car Accident InjuriesEven the most minor car crash can leave you with some type of injury. However, serious, high speed crashes can result in catastrophic injuries that can prove life-changing. The term “catastrophic injury” usually refers to a permanent injury that victims often carry throughout the rest of their lives in one way or the other. Specifically, this type of injury typically prevents you from returning to your previous line of work, or potentially any type of work that helps you make a living. These injuries can reduce the quality of life, impose a permanent physical or psychological disability, and require ongoing medical care and treatment, and/or physical therapy.

Generally, these injuries prevent you from recovering your former way of life, including the performing of many tasks which were once easy.

Catastrophic injuries resulting from car accidents:

Financial cost of car accident catastrophic injuries 

It is not always possible at the outset especially to accurately estimate the total financial cost of a catastrophic injury result from a car accident. Besides the expenses associated with any injury, a catastrophic injury requires continuous treatment – medical and sometimes therapeutic. This along with a reduced capacity to make a living as you once did can make it difficult to endure. Certain types of catastrophic injuries may require home health care and/or the special outfitting of a home to accommodate your physical disability. Each catastrophic injury brings its own set of challenges, but the expense is often overwhelming. However, an experienced catastrophic injury attorney can work to help you cover these expenses over the long-term.

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