Two-Lane Highways May Be the Deadliest Roads in Cullman County

Tragedy struck Cullman County residents earlier this month when a truck crash claimed the lives of four people on Highway 67 in Cullman, Alabama. Our hearts go out to the families of the victims. We pray they find peace and closure.

This tragic accident is not the first to happen on Highway 67, and certainly not the first in this particular stretch. Local residents told CBS 42 that they see accidents in this area weekly. One resident claimed to know of 25-30 people who have been killed in wrecks along this stretch of the highway. Another talked about a diesel truck that ran into the trees.

According to ALEA State Trooper Chuck Daniel, “Two-lane highways are the most dangerous highways you’ll travel on in the state of Alabama, and I would say in any state. It’s because of the close proximity to traffic and also the close proximity to tree lines.” Officer Daniel said that the number of crashes on two-lane highways like 67 is usually higher than the number of crashes on any other kind of highway in Alabama.

How can we help make our roads safer?

The stretch of 67 in Cullman where the most recent truck accident occurred  has lots of dips and hills. The roadway is not wide, and there are little-to-no lights along the road. The houses are widely spaced out, and the woods tend to absorb any ambient light.

In other words, Highway 67 can be pretty dark and relatively silent. If drivers whip around the curves, or text while they drive, they can easily cause a deadly accident. But even drivers who are following the rules of the road can be harmed, simply because of the low visibility. Adding more streetlights or reflective signage could help reduce or even eliminate accidents along Highway 67, and along other two-lane roads. Until that happens, though, we remind you to wear your seatbelts, keep to the speed limit, and be aware of your surroundings. Mezrano Law Firm serves clients throughout Alabama. For help, please call us at 205-206-6300, or fill out our contact form.

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