You log onto Facebook or another social media platform, only to see a post that a product has been recalled. It’s great that you came across the information so that you can act to protect your family. It’s not so great that the only reason you discovered the danger is because a friend happened upon the recall completely at random and took to posting about it.

Product recalls are not typically made lightly as a recall costs the corporation a substantial loss – financially and with reputation. Manufacturers have to replace the defective item or reimburse consumers, which can add up quickly. Companies who choose not to initiate a recall risk a product liability lawsuit or even a wrongful death lawsuit if the injury was severe enough.

Researching recalls can be a snap (or click)

Keeping yourself aware of recalls doesn’t need to drain the little free time that you have. Try one of these options:

  • Set a Google alert for the keyword “recall” or “product recall.” You will receive alert emails at the frequency you set. Once you begin receiving emails you can start to tweak your alerts to more sharply hone the results.
  • Monitor the Consumer Product Safety Commission website where you will find a recall list organizing recalls by month. You will also find recall lawsuits and other valuable information about products that you use every day.
  • Visit gov and click on the “Recent Recalls” tab. The recalls are broken down into the following categories:
    • Consumer products
    • Motor vehicles
    • Foods, Medicines, Cosmetics
    • Child safety seats
    • Tires
    • Meat and poultry products
    • Boats and boating safety

Take a look at some recent recalls and the safety issues involved:

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