COVID-19 has thrown a curve ball at families and how they conduct their daily routines. Parents are figuring out ways to handle various roles at work and home with many public and private schools closed. Many parents are home schooling their children now, while also working and performing other parenting and family errands throughout the day. Children have more free time and in some cases they are supervised less at home than in school under the current climate, which is an inevitable combination that can lead to children sustaining household injuries.

Doctors report that an increasing number of children have sustained broken bones on trampolines and bikes in addition to accidental poisonings and other types of severe injuries throughout the recent lockdowns.

With the limitation on many social activities in place, children are finding ways to spend their time and have fun at home both indoors and outdoors in the backyard. As a result, there has been a correlating increase in various types of accidents at home, leading to injuries such as concussions, broken bones, soft tissue injuries, bruising, and more.

Trampolines may be fun, but they’re really dangerous to kids

The trampoline is a popular item children use for fun and exercise. Often these trampolines are used in outside parks, backyards at home, or in supervised exercise classes. Many, however, are at home in the yard. Their increasing use over recent months has led to an increase in accidents causing broken bones and fractures. Young children, in particular, are susceptible to injuries resulting from playing on trampolines due to the fact that they have open growth plates which make them more vulnerable to these injuries.

A particular study published in May of this year compared some 306 children who were treated for acute fractures between March and April of this year at Children’s Hospital Philadelphia to a group of children treated at the same hospital during the same time period in 2018 in 2019. According to the study, the number of fractures in children treated at hospitals was lower this year, but those that occurred at home and those that were the result of high-energy falls from trampoline and bicycle use (for example) were higher.

The study also discovered that a greater percentage of the patients this year were younger children compared to the previous two years. Specifically, the average age of children receiving treatment in hospitals for fractures was 7.5 during the pandemic compared to 9.4 in the previous two years.

Accidental poisonings have increased, too

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that the number of calls made to poison control centers about children who have swallowed disinfectants and other cleaning products has skyrocketed by more than 20% between January and March 2020. Children five years of age or younger constitute the largest percentage of these cases.

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