The Dangers of Driving in Direct SunshineAs the weather reaches into the 90s this summer, driving is an attractive way to get out of the house, while still remaining isolated. For many, driving in warm weather brings much joy; however, it also brings some risks. Aside from driving in thunderstorms, the main risk of driving during the daytime in the middle of an Alabama summer, is the glare of the hot, blinding sun.

According to AAA, the times of day the glare from the sun is most dangerous are just after sunrise and just before sunset. Sun glare can make it hard to see cars in front of the driver, hard to react to the flow of traffic, and hard to respond to an emergency. Just one split second of indecision can cause a deadly or catastrophic wreck.

Safety precautions when the sun glare is a danger

If the sun is in your eyes while you drive, you need to take precautions to reduce the risk of a wreck. Mezrano Law Firm and AAA recommend the following safety measures:

  • Slow down. Make sure you can see where you are going and where the cars and objects in front of you are at all times. It is especially important to slow down when pedestrians are present, such as in school zones or at crosswalks.
  • Buy some polarized sunglasses. Quality sunglasses can help reduce the glare.
  • Use your sun visor. Make sure the visor is in working order and is at the right angle to block out the sun. You may need to shift the visor as the path of the sun changes.
  • Use your headlights. This may seem counter-intuitive; however, using headlights is a defensive tool and helps other drivers see you.
  • Keep your windshield clean. A dirty windshield and a glaring sun are a dangerous combination.
  • Check your windshield for “pitting and cracks.” Faulty windshields can wreak havoc with the sun.
  • Keep your dashboard and windshield clear. Remove any stickers, papers, or objects from the dashboard and windshield to enhance your visibility.
  • Check the lane markings. Sun glare can make it difficult to know where you are on the road. The markings on the lanes can help safely guide you.
  • Leave more distance between you and the car in front of you. This way, you have more time to react and more distance for stopping.
  • Look for an alternate route. Try to determine where the sun is and whether other routes can help avoid direct sunlight.

These adjustments, among others, can help drivers minimize the risk of a wreck. If the sun is impossible, and you just cannot see, then the best thing to do is to get off the road until the sun shifts enough so that you can drive safely.

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