Speeding is one of the major causes of car crashes in the United States, along with drunk driving and distracted driving. Many times distracted driving and drunk driving occur in conjunction with speeding violations. Blatant violation of speed limits can result in serious consequences, first and foremost in human life, in addition to vehicle and property damage. State governments are aware of the risks and dangers of speeding and routinely increase their efforts to curb this dangerous behavior with extra monitoring and enforcement operations.

Despite the fact that coronavirus cases are increasing during the summer months, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) still conducted its Operation Save Driver Week 2020 July 12 through July 18. During this week, law enforcement scouted for unsafe driving behavior from commercial driver operators and passenger vehicle drivers, with a focus on targeting speeding violations.

This enforcement action was originally scheduled to take place in the month of May, but as result of the pandemic, was rescheduled for July. The CVSA reports that during April and May in the five largest metropolitan areas in the nation, the average speed of drivers on roadways increased significantly. In some cases their speeds increased by 75% compared to the first two months of the year – January and February. This increase occurred even though traffic in most areas had dropped by a whopping 80 to 90%.

Although the focus during Safe Driver Week was on speeding, drivers exhibiting other unsafe driving actions that can lead to truck accidents and injuries, police were also looking for:

  • Failure to obey stop signs and traffic lights
  • Distracted driving
  • Impaired driving
  • Seatbelt violations
  • Making unsafe lane changes
  • Driving to close behind (tailgating)

Why speeding is still a major concern on Alabama roadways

Speeding sometimes involves more than just driving faster than the speed limit. In some cases it can involve driving too fast for existing roadway conditions. These conditions can include construction zone activities, heavy traffic density, in addition to snow, ice, rain, or other debris on the roadway.

There are multiple hazards and consequences to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians as a result of speeding. These include:

  • Much more severe crash consequences resulting from faster velocities and greater force of impact
  • Increased chance for vehicle rollover
  • Increased risk of losing control of the vehicle
  • Longer distance required to stop the vehicle

With regard to the dangerous consequence of increased stopping distance resulting from speeding, a vehicle traveling at 30 mph needs a little more than the length of a football field (110 feet) to come to a complete stop. A vehicle traveling twice that speed (60 mph) requires almost three football fields to come to a complete stop (300 feet). When these speeds are combined with distracted driving, tailgating, or drunk driving, the dangers for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians are increased even more.

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