Lack of Visible Evidence

In many of the cases we handle photos are valuable evidence in a Car Accident. Insurance companies will argue that the Lack of visible property damage to the vehicle means no one was injured in the crash.

Being one of the top accident attorneys in Birmingham, AL and handling several cases over many years, we can assure you that this is not true. Even if a vehicle has little to no damage, does not mean its occupants are not injured.

For Example, if you drop a carton of eggs do you look at the outside of the package to see if there was any damage?  NO! You open the carton and look at the eggs themselves.

Low Impact Collisions

A low impact collision occurs at speeds 10mph or less. Often times there is little to no visible damage to the vehicle, yet passengers of such vehicles commonly present injuries such as neck pain, back pain, bruising, sprains, strains, contusions, whiplash and concussions.

Insurance Companies Have an Agenda

Insurance companies are try to convince injury victims that their claims are worthless, despite the fact that these victims were injured through no fault of their own.

Big Insurance Companies constantly promote that injuries in low-impact accidents are rare, adjusters are trained to “flag” claims with low property damage valuations.

The truth is, they simply do not have any scientific results or studies that support their proposition that little to no property damage equals no personal injury.  Instead, insurance companies use million dollar campaigns, forced-studies, lobbyists, and politicians to spread “false truth”.

Factors that Affect the Severity of Injuries

Even when a car is traveling at 5 to 10mph there is a large amount of force transfered because of the weight of the cars. This is why getting hit by a larger vehicle like an 18 wheeler or large commercial vehicle can cause a lot of damage to your car and your body.

Having a tow bar on a car that was hit, increases the risk of chronic symptoms by 22%. The force from the impact to the tow bar is transfered directly to the frame of the vehicle causing the transfer of energy to be greater. Bumpers are designed to “soften” a low impact wreck and limit damage to a vehicle, they are not designed to stop the transfer of force from the wreck to your body.

When a vehicle with a tow bar is hit, your body is exposed to 33% higher peak acceleration, intensifying the whiplash motion in your lower neck, thats 8.9g compared to the 6.7g force in a car without a tow bar.