The way the manufacturing and supply chains are set up worldwide right now, almost every bicycle sold in the U.S. is manufactured overseas. Often the parts that make up these bicycles consist of less durable materials, in order to reduce production costs. However, the safety of the rider is often put at risk as a result.

Various inadequately made parts that comprise bicycles can cause writers difficulties in operating bikes and other problems on the road. If a rider suffers an accident and injuries as a result of these defective parts, he or she may pursue a product liability claim based on faulty design or manufacturing. In such a claim, the attorney for the victim may utilize accident reconstruction experts or individuals with knowledge in metallurgy to support the injury claim.

Common bicycle part defects that initiate recalls each year include defects with suspension forks, frames, and other parts that can break, fail, or cause the rider loss of control, such as brakes and tires.

Recent bicycle part recalls

Below are several examples of recent bicycle part recalls:

The risk of poor manufacturing

Manufacturers know the grade of materials they are using when they make parts. They understand low-quality parts are more likely to fail and break. These parts installed into a bicycle place the safety riders in jeopardy.

Responsibility of the manufacturer for poor quality, faulty bicycle parts

Manufacturers should be held responsible for using parts that put consumers at undue risk, including manufacturers of bicycle parts. The effect of holding manufacturers responsible for using defective parts is not only to compensate the injured client, but also prevent other individuals and families from suffering the same injuries and losses.

Pursuing a faulty bicycle part claim

When a bicycle as defective parts that lead to the rider’s injury, the injured victim may hold the manufacturer or the company from which they rented or purchased the bicycle responsible for his or her injuries.

Product liability claims involving faulty bicycles and bicycle parts can be challenging to prove. Large manufacturers and insurance companies use their considerable financial legal resources to fight against these claims and minimize insurance payouts. It takes an experienced product liability attorney who knows how to deal with these companies and insurers to help you successfully pursue and secure the compensation you deserve.

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