High-Tech Solutions Are Finally Targeting Motorcycles There’s been a lot of innovation and discussion about how technology can help car and truck drivers. One aim is to create self-driving cars and trucks. Another aim has been to install computer technology to help prevent accidents, take control from drivers in emergencies, monitor blind spots, and the implementation of other safety measures.

It’s, therefore, exciting news that, according to Financial Express, Honda’s Los Angeles-based research and development facility is working on using technology to automatically control a motorcycle in emergencies, using data from sensors and from a special helmet created by Honda. The technology is designed to literally try to read the mind of a motorcycle operator through brain wave detection software and hardware. If it’s successful, this technology  could prevent serious and deadly motorcycle wrecks.

Honda is seeking a patent for its technology, which aims to ensure that the motorcycle’s onboard safety system operates through the thoughts of the motorcycle operator. The technology uses a “steering angle sensor and actuator.” The specially designed helmet uses electrodes to pick up the riders’ brain-wave signals.

As Financial Express explains, some modern-day bikes, such as the Ducati Multistrada V4, already use “radar-based technology along with active cruise control and collision warning as well.”

What’s unique about the new Honda patent application is that the steering angles sensor and the actuator are used to control the steering. For example, patent applications show that the technology can help detect if the rider is about to perform a “wheelie or a stoppie.” If the patent is approved, it is expected that the commercial use of the technology will make for safer and more convenient motorcycles. How well the technology will work can only be determined “once the tech finally makes its way into some final production models.”

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