Your insurance bill has come in the mail and you’ve cringed for the twentieth time. Every month you make the same promise to yourself – you’re changing insurance companies. You’ve seen the funny Allstate commercials for years and they served as a constant reminder to start comparing insurance rates. You finish your research and actually do wind up making the leap to Allstate. You can feel yourself breathing a sigh of relief, until you get into an accident.

Allstate offers benefits to their insureds like “vanishing deductible” where you pay less out of pocket every year you remain accident-free. “Drivewise” offers you cash back every six months for safe driving in exchange for allowing Allstate to control how and when you drive. They can afford to throw their customers a little discount though offering these benefits because if their insured hits someone, they’re going to make the victim scratch and claw for every penny they’re entitled to. Basically, Allstate’s goal is to collect premiums and cheat victims out of fair compensation under the law for car accidents their insureds cause.

What you can expect from attempting to settle with Allstate

When you’ve been injured by a driver insured by Allstate you’re in for a frustrating, time consuming ordeal while handling your claim. Mayhem will find you, and it will come in the form of an Allstate claims adjuster. The Better Business Bureau and the Department of Consumer Affairs websites are littered with complaints from victims who are insureds from Allstate and other insurance companies – all injured by Allstate customers.

Even when liability is crystal clear and there should be no reason to negotiate, some of the techniques frequently employed to shortchange accident victims include:

  • Providing low estimates for property damage and acquiring “very used parts” to repair vehicles is a frequent occurrence.
  • Authorizing a lesser amount for rental car coverage than a victim can rent a car for is another money saving tactic.
  • Giving injured parties the run around and delaying the claims process, placing the burden back onto the victim to pay out of pocket for rental cars, vehicle repairs, and medical bills.
  • Making dangerously inferior auto repairs to save money such as filling compromised steel vehicle frames with plastic bondo that offers little to no safety in an accident.
  • Providing insufficient coverage for medical care so that the victim is required to pay out of pocket to fully recover.
  • Adjusters employ bullying to prevent victims from obtaining what they are entitled to receive.

Insurance companies are required to act in good faith. Whether the claim is made by their own insured or the insured of another company, when they breach that duty by refusing to fairly settle claims, they should be required to accept responsibility.

The entire purpose of the insurance industry’s existence is to protect other drivers when their own insured behaves negligently. When an Allstate insured causes property damage and physical injury to another driver, Allstate’s job is to make that victim whole again. Instead, they’ve repeatedly drawn a line in the sand, making injured parties fight for a fair outcome.

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