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Workers Compensation

A qualified Attorney knows how to interpret workers’ compensation laws and will be able to provide legal guidance and assistance to ensure full recovery of all funds to which the injured worker is entitled. Your employer and its insurance company will always have an experienced attorney representing their interests. You will also be dealing with insurance adjusters who work for the insurance company and whose job it is to pay as little as possible.

Do I Need an Attorney?

If you are injured at a workplace, you are not on an equal playing field without an attorney. Many employers will try to get you released back to MMI quickly to avoid having to pay additional medical care.

They will also try to avoid paying you a fair settlement for your disability, which is where attorneys come in to advocate for you to make sure you are on a level playing field against the employer and workers’ compensation carriers who typically only care about the dollar and not about the person.

We specialize in helping injury victims because we are passionate about helping those often overlooked by the system. There are strict notice time frames that claimants are required to follow in order to preserve a worker.


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Issues Associated with Workers’ Comp Claims:

  • Your employer can deny workers’ compensation claims.
  • Employers can stop paying benefits.
  • Employer fraud, which can cause workers to be cheated out of part of all of their workers’ compensation claims.
  • Limitations to workers’ compensation laws and misunderstandings about what they mean.

A workers’ compensation attorney representing your interests, will help you deal with these issues as well as many others, including returning to work and how your claim is impacted by pension benefits and unemployment compensation claim. It is important that you contact a trusted lawyer as soon as possible.

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