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With more than 40 years of combined legal experience, the Alabama personal injury attorneys at Mezrano Law Firm are the team you trust when things go wrong. We are passionate about fighting for the rights of those who have been injured because of someone else’s negligence.

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Personalized care for the seriously injured

When you have suffered a serious injury because of someone else’s negligence, our experienced Alabama personal injury lawyers fight for justice in the form of fair compensation for you. We handle a wide array of claims, including:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a serious head injury caused when the soft tissues of the brain forcefully collides with the inside of the skull because of the g-forces in a car crash, a slip and fall, a violent assault or other form of head trauma. TBI can have lasting, devastating effects on a person’s life and their ability to function.
  • Neck injuries, back injuries and spinal cord injuries can result in total or partial paralysis and permanent disabilities after a car accident, a truck or motorcycle accident or a slip and fall on someone else’s property.

  • Burn injuries can lead to life-long complications, including mandatory medical treatments, revision surgeries, and increase risk of infection. It can also affect your mobility, making it difficult to work and support yourself.
  • Wrongful death is a legal action that the family members of those whose death was caused by the failure to act or the negligent actions of another person. We work diligently to recover the compensation you need to move ahead after your loss.

Vehicle accident claims in Alabama

Being injured in a wreck caused by someone else’s recklessness or negligence can be painful and inconvenient. You must seek medical care, lose time at work, and your normal daily activities are put on hold. At Mezrano Law Firm, we are here to fight for the compensation you are entitled to receive.

Car accident claims

Whether you were hit by another car or involved in a multi-car pileup, our Alabama car accident lawyers on your side.

  • Rear-end car accidents are the most common type of car crash. They can range from a fender bender, to causing permanent injuries.
  • Head-on collisions are far rarer, but often deadly. When two vehicles collide head-on, or when one vehicle crashes into t stationary object serious injuries can happen.
  • Road defects such as potholes, depressions in the roadway, inadequate lighting or missing signage can cause an accident. The roads that we travel on throughout the state of Alabama must be maintained in safe condition, or the municipal, county or state authority responsible for the maintenance of the roads can be held accountable.

There are tight time limits for filing a claim against a municipal authority in Alabama, so it is vital that you speak to a car accident lawyer right away to pursue your claim.

Tractor-trailer accidents

Those large, commercial trucks that carry the goods you have purchased throughout Alabama and the rest of the United States can also pose a safety hazard to the regular, passenger vehicles who must share the highways with these massive vehicles. A truck accident can cause catastrophic injuries for those who survive. Our Alabama truck accident lawyers will do everything possible to obtain fair compensation for you.

Motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle riders want to enjoy their freedom, but they are also completely vulnerable to injury from the elements, from the roadway and from the carelessness of the drivers of other motor vehicles. To add additional insult, motorcycle riders are often portrayed as being reckless and somehow responsible for the accident even when they were not at fault. Let our Alabama motorcycle accident lawyers fight for you.

Product liability

The companies that manufacture all the products you use in all aspects of your life owe a duty to you, the consumer, to create products that are safe and work as promised. When products are defective, and that defect causes a serious injury, you may be able to take legal action against the manufacturer, and other businesses in the chain of commerce down to the retailer who sold you the product. Some common product liability claims include those for:

Mass torts

A mass tort is a group of distinct, individual plaintiffs in smaller numbers than for a class action but with the same or similar complaints against the same manufacturer of a defective product such as a defective drug or medical device. If you were injured because of defective mesh, or sustained hearing loss from 3M’s faulty earplugs, let us help you.

Premises liability

Slip and fall injuries, negligent security, swimming pool accidents, animal attacks and other mishaps that result in injury because of a property owner’s negligence may be grounds for legal action. We can protect your right to recover compensation when a property owner fails his or her duty of care to the public.

Medical malpractice

When a physician’s or any other medical professional’s preventable medical mistake causes you a serious injury, you may be interested in pursuing justice in the form of compensation for your injuries. Our experienced medical malpractice lawyers fight aggressively for you.

Workers’ compensation

After suffering an injury at work, or being diagnosed with an occupational disease, workers’ compensation provides the wage loss and medical benefits you need to keep going. If you are facing a dispute with the workers’ compensation insurer, our knowledgeable Alabama workers’ compensation lawyers understand what it takes to win. The firm also represents railroad workers in FELA claims.

Did You Know?


of all people under the age of 65 in
Birmingham have a disability. –

Social Security Disability

Alabama is second in the nation for Disability benefits; Given that so few Social Security Disability claims are approved on the initial application, having the guidance and support of a skilled Alabama SSD attorney can help greatly improve your chance of getting approved.

Nursing home abuse & neglect

It is a shameful fact that sometimes the people we trust to care for our elders and other vulnerable adults will abuse and neglect them instead. If you have a loved one who has suffered at the hands of nursing home staff, we are here to pursue justice on your loved one’s behalf.

Sexual abuse/assault

If you have survived sexual abuse or assault, in addition to the criminal charges against the perpetrator, you may also pursue a civil action. You may be able to hold the property owner of a resort, casino, hotel, apartment complex, or other responsible party for their negligence in exercising reasonable care to protect the safety of those who use their property.

What types of damages might be available with a successful injury claim?

The legal term for the financial compensation you may recover in a successful personal injury claim is, “damages.” Damages come in two categories: economic and non-economic. Economic damages cover financial losses because of the injury, and they might include:

  • Medical expenses for past current and future medical care related to the accident injury
  • Diminished earning capacity due to disability or other future loss of earnings
  • Other financial losses or property damage

Non-economic or general damages might include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of consortium (for the spouse of the injured person)

Punitive damages are only available when the plaintiff can show that the defendant’s actions were malicious, done with ill intent, or with “deliberate or conscious malice.” In Alabama, there is a cap on punitive damages of three times the compensatory damages or $1,500,000. AL Code § 6-11-21 (2017)

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