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Bruce Romeo

Personal Injury Attorney

Bruce joined the Mezrano Law Firm in September of 2014. Bruce has successfully worked numerous cases as a personal injury attorney.

Bruce has the experience and passion clients look for in an attorney. Bruce is a highly qualified attorney who brings the standard of dedication and focus to another level.

Bruce graduated from the Birmingham School of Law and currently specializes in personal injury. Bruce handles all types of cases from 18-Wheeler Accidents, Car Wrecks, Workers’ Compensations, Slip and Falls and Medical Malpractice.

Bruce has successfully settled numerous cases for the Mezrano Law Firm.

After graduating from college, Bruce moved to Los Angeles, California to work as a talent agent. In working with clients in the entertainment industry, Bruce decided he wanted to move back to Birmingham, Alabama and represent real people with real problems.

Bruce is especially drawn to helping to people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries, or representing minor children that have been seriously injured.

Practice Areas

  • Personal injury
  • Medical malpractice
  • Workers’ compensation


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