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Archive for February 2019

Whiplash Injuries Most Commonly Associated With Car Accidents

Are you looking for a lawyer who can handle your car accident case? The Mezrano Law Firm has handled 1000s of car accident cases and one of the most common injuries our clients suffer from is “Whiplash.”

Accidents Caused by Trucks making U-Turns

Traffic rules and regulations are put in place to help keep all drivers safe on our roads and highways. When drivers violate rules by making illegal u-turns accidents happen. Making a U-turn is a risky maneuver for the driver of any vehicle, when the vehicle is a large, commercial truck they are putting themselves and other drivers on the road in great danger.

Wrongful Death Case – Are Autopsies Necessary

Autopsies can provide important evidence for a legal case where the defendant is a wrongful death claim challenges the case of death. Autopsies can Identify Medical Malpractice – Many times wrongful death claims involve medical malpractice that may have contributed to a patient’s death, the family of the deceased must show evidence that their loved one died because of professional negligence.

Alabama Mandatory Liability Insurance Law

Nov 1st the Alabama Mandatory Liability Coverage Law goes into affect. Any drivers caught driving without insurance will face a civil penalty. First violation – up to $500 fine. Second or subsequent violations – up to $1,000 fine and or a six month driver license suspension.

No Damage, No Injury – Myth or Fact

In many of the cases we handle photos are valuable evidence in a Car Accident. Insurance companies will argue that the Lack of visible property damage to the vehicle means no one was injured in the crash. Being one of the top accident attorneys in Birmingham, AL and handling several cases over many years, we can assure you that this is not true. Even if a vehicle has little to no damage, does not mean its occupants are not injured.


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