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If You’ve Suffered Abuse From A Nursing Home, We Can Help


When it comes to finding a home to care for your elderly loved ones, you hope

to be able to trust the standard of care they provide, but the reality is that this is not always the case. Unfortunately, nearly 1 in 3 nursing homes have been cited for violations and over 50% of nursing home staff have admitted to mistreating older patients. If your loved ones are caught in this terrifying situation, you will need a nursing home abuse lawyer. Nursing home neglect is a real and prevalent issue today in not only Birmingham but all across Alabama.


What to do if You Suspect Nursing Home Malpractice


The attorneys at Mezrano Law Firm believe that protecting and defending those who can’t defend themselves is one of society’s greatest responsibilities, which is why we are dedicated to representing those who have been injured, or worst of all, killed because of negligent or purposefully cruel behavior. If you notice any signs of neglect, including bed sores, dehydration, malnutrition or suspicious injuries, document the signs, file a complaint with

the Adult Protective Service department, and contact the experienced and qualified attorneys at Mezrano Law Firm to discuss what actions can be taken.



The Mezrano Law Firm Can Help


Types of Nursing Home Abuse


How a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer at The Mezrano Law Firm Can Help You

In an interview done with 2,000 nursing home patients, 95% reported that they had either been the victim of neglect, or else had seen another resident neglected. Other forms of abuse that are common include:


  • 29% Physical
  • 7% Sexual
  • 21% Psychological
  • 7% Financial
  • 14% Gross Neglect


If you have a family member who you suspect is part of this staggering statistic, let Mezrano Law Firm help bring the responsible parties to justice.



After a free case consult, our lawyers can help you:


  • Learn and understand what your loved one’s rights are
  • Assist you in filing a complaint
  • Inform the nursing home of the allegations
  • Work with you to get a settlement
  • Find medical experts who can assist with testimony
  • And much, much more.


The staff at Mezrano Law Firm is here for you. We will work with you to ensure that your loved one receives the compensation that they deserve with the help of an experienced, nursing home abuse lawyer. You can be confident that we will make sure those who should be held responsible, are. Our client’s comfort and satisfaction is our top priority, and with a strong history of successful settlements and trials, you can trust us to fight for the rights and protection of the people most important to you. If you suspect a loved one is suffering from nursing home abuse, call us today or visit us at our office in Birmingham.


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