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What Can a Long-Term Disability Attorney Do for Me?

Employer provided group LTD insurance is governed by ERISA, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, a federal law that provides for very specific procedures and time limits for filing LTD claims. A lawyer experienced with long-term disability claims will know how to abide by the ERISA rules and help you succeed, especially in the following areas.


Preparing your claims, file for a lawsuit

Most of the time the federal judge, with very limited exceptions, decides your case based on what’s In the administrative record (your claims file with the insurance company).  An experience lawyer will try to “stack the admin record” with medical, vocational and other favorable evidence before you exhaust your internal appeals with the insurance company.


  • Claim file contains all relevant medical evidence
  • Works with physicians to obtain supportive opinions about your work-related limitations.
  • Know the right questions to ask the doctor. Rather than relying on the biased paperwork provided by your insurance company.


Short –Term Disability


Short-Term Disability refers to insurance payments paid to employees who have missed work due to a physical medical condition. A Short-Term Disability policy is typically purchased by the company and the employees are typically required to contribute to the premium payment.


Even though an employee is required to make his/her need for Short-Term Disability benefits to a company’s HR Department, the company actually has no say into whether or not an employee is entitled to the benefits.  The Short Term Disability carrier makes that decision.


  • Employer does not have to hold an employee’s position because they are receiving Short-Term Disability benefits.
  • Insurance Companies will fight anything. Most Clear physical injuries will have a greater likelihood of being granted.
  • Emotional/Psychological afflictions are more hotly-contested claims. With proper medical Documentation, such stress related claims are more successful.
  • If you are seeking Workers Compensation benefits, your short term disability benefits will be denied.




The Mezrano Law Firm Can Help


What an Attorney From The Mezrano Law Firm Can Do You


When Should I contact an Attorney ?


Hiring Vocational Experts


We will find vocational experts to testify about the requirements of your position. It is usually not a good idea to rely on your LTD carrier to hire their “independent” vocational experts.


Acting as Your Representative


In addition to gathering persuasive evidence of your disability, our lawyers will also interact with the LTD carrier or plan administrator on your behalf. We will file your initial application and appeals in a timely manner, conduct settlement negotiations, and if necessary will take your case to trial.


ts never too early to contact an attorney. As soon as you become unable to work, contact an attorney to discuss how you should proceed. Nothing to lose with a free evaluation of your case.


Don’t wait until your claim has been denied. Hiring a lawyer to help with your initial application can protect your interests, and is highly recommended.


How Much Will an Attorney Cost Me?


Most disability cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. We don’t get paid unless we win your case!



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