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The Mezrano Law Firm is Alabama's Personal Injury Law Firm, that is becoming one of Alabama's strongest leaders in the Car Accident Injury law practice. Located across Alabama we are available to assist anyone who needs legal counsel to recover from their Car Wreck Injury.

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Serving the state of Alabama, the Mezrano Law Firm has successfully handled thousands of cases involving personal injury.

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      Car Accident  ---------

       What can a Good Car Wreck Attorney in Alabama Do For You?

      Managing your way through the web of rules and procedures that accompany a serious car or truck accident is difficult, and a wrong step can keep you from fully collecting your due compensation. By contacting Mezrano Law Firm, you’re putting a Birmingham car accident lawyer on your side who can:

      • Help you navigate the insurance claim process
      • Talk to the insurance companies for you
      • Seek compensation for the other parties negligence
      • Seek punitive damages
      • Review and collect evidence to improve your case
      • Contact witnesses
      • and so much more.

      Though Alabama law requires that drivers carry basic liability insurance when operating a vehicle, often times it’s simply not enough. car accident attorneys Birmingham, AL. Medical bills for the treatment of.

      • Concussions
      • Whiplash
      • Broken bones
      • Spinal damage
      • Nervous system damage

      Or any number of other possible outcomes can have medical costs that vastly outstrip what is covered. Not to mention that this basic coverage won’t assist you with lost wages while seeking treatment, or compensate you for the emotional damages that can be prevalent when you sustain serious injury.



      Truck Accident   ---------


      There are many reasons that can lead to a truck accident:

      • Distracted Driving
      • Truck Driver Fatigue
      • Lane Shifting
      • Speeding, Load Shift, Cargo Overload
      • Dangerous or Defective Road Conditions
      • Collision in Truckers Lane
      • Improper Truck Maintenance, Vehicle Systems Failure
      • Mechanical Failure
      • Driver Inexperience


      After your consultation, your truck accident lawyer will begin working on your behalf. It is likely you will be asked to appear for a deposition. This is a time where all parties involved have an opportunity to question everyone. It is likely your accident lawyer will question you, the negligent party’s attorney(s) and even the insurance company. Take notes about your accident and save them for this occasion.


      Our Attorney's Understand Your 18 Wheeler Accident.

      18 wheeler accidents may be considered the most disastrous form of auto collisions. Despite all precautions for safety, accidents will continue to occur as long as vehicles are on the road.

      Laws regarding how a large truck accident must be reported vary state by state. In fact, there are numerous federal regulations which govern interstate trucking.

      Protect yourself by driving safely. Be sure to be aware of local and state laws as a delivery truck driver. If the delivery truck was business owned, the business should have an insurance policy to protect the driver and the vehicle. An attorney is well-versed in delivery truck crashes and advocates for special results other than the minimal payouts required by mandated law. We know what to look for in these situations.

      Get the accident compensation you deserve by filing a claim with a professional of law who knows how to communicate the legal terms for you.




      Motorcycle Accident  ---------

      A Good Motorcycle Accident Attorney Make a Difference in Your Case.

      Injured motorcycle accident victims require, and deserve, the most skilled and experienced legal representation and medical care.

      A good motorcycle accident attorney should have many years of practical experience in negotiating and litigating personal injury lawsuits, and wrongful death claims resulting from motorcycle accidents.

      The Mezrano Law Firm has the experience to help you.

       At the Mezrano Law Firm, our motorcycle accident attorneys have many years of practical experience in negotiating and litigating personal injury lawsuits and wrongful death claims resulting from motorcycle accidents. We have settled, resolved and litigated for clients whose accidents involved:

      • Motorcycle Repairs and Cost Disputes
      • Fractured or Broken Bones from the Accident
      • Insurance Company Claims Dispute
      • Psychological Damage Resulting from the Motorcycle Accident
      • Motorcycle Accidents Resulting from a Drunk Driver
      • Spinal Cord or Severe Injuries
      • Complete Motorcycle Replacement Disputes
      • Orthopedic Injuries Stemming from the Motorcycle Accident
      • Brain or Other Catastrophic Injuries
      • Faulty Motorcycle Design or Manufacturing Issues

      Our motorcycle accident lawyers will do everything possible to achieve a satisfactory result in your case, and make sure those responsible for you or your loved one’s suffering are held accountable for their actions.


      Our Attorney's Understand Your Motorcycle Accident.

      Our lawyers and legal staff have accumulated

      Drivers are required by law to share the road with other vehicles, including motorcycles. When an accident results from the carelessness, recklessness, or negligence of another, you have the legal right to seek compensation for:

      •  Medical bills/hospital bills
      • Temporary disabilities
      • Long-term care
      • Psychological and psychiatric counseling
      • Repair and replacement of your motorcycle
      • Physical therapy for injuries sustained
      • Rehab services if needed
      • Lost wages as a result of the accident
      • Future losses of earning ability due to injuries or trauma




      Wrongful Death   ---------

      The Mezrano Law Firm has the experience to help you

      A wrongful death claim may arise out of many types of negligent or intentional conduct by individuals or companies. Some common examples of situations that often give rise to wrongful death claims in Georgia include the following:


      • Car accidents
      • Motorcycle accidents
      • Commercial trucking accidents
      • Malpractice by a medical professional
      • Defective or dangerous products
      • Dangerous drugs
      • Construction accidents
      • Violent crimes or inadequate security


      These are only a few examples as a wrongful death action may be based on almost any type of intentional or negligent act that results in a victim's death. A wrongful death action really is composed of two types of claims. One of the claims is brought by the family of the deceased and the other is brought by the estate of the deceased. The family member's statutory claim is usually the larger of the claims for damages.

       At The Mezrano Law Firm, we are dedicated to diligently pursuing the best interest of our clients in an ongoing commitment to being known as the best personal injury lawyers in Alabama. Our experienced Alabama wrongful death lawyers will strive to get the best results possible in your case.

       The Mezrano Law Firm is available to assist clients throughout all of Alabama. No matter where you are located in Alabama our attorneys are just a phone call away, we will even come to you.




      Nursing Home Abuse   ---------

      Types of Nursing Home Abuse

       In an interview done with 2,000 nursing home patients, 95% reported that they had either been the victim of neglect, or else had seen another resident neglected. Other forms of abuse that are common include:

      •  29% Physical
      • 7% Sexual
      • 21% Psychological
      • 7% Financial
      • 14% Gross Neglect

       If you have a family member who you suspect is part of this staggering statistic, let Mezrano Law Firm help bring the responsible parties to justice.


       How a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer at The Mezrano Law Firm Can Help You

      • After a free case consult, our lawyers can help you:
      •  Learn and understand what your loved one’s rights are
      • Assist you in filing a complaint
      • Inform the nursing home of the allegations
      • Work with you to get a settlement
      • Find medical experts who can assist with testimony
      • And much, much more.

       The staff at Mezrano Law Firm is here for you. We will work with you to ensure that your loved one receives the compensation that they deserve with the help of an experienced, nursing home abuse lawyer. You can be confident that we will make sure those who should be held responsible, are. Our client’s comfort and satisfaction is our top priority, and with a strong history of successful settlements and trials, you can trust us to fight for the rights and protection of the people most important to you. If you suspect a loved one is suffering from nursing home abuse, call us today or visit us at our office in Birmingham.



      Social Security Disability  ---------

      How To Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits

      Because of the complicated nature of the application process and the scrutiny that the applications undergo when being reviewed, we recommend letting one of our attorneys assist you as you undertake the application.

       We will help you submit the on-line claim or we can help in setting up an appointment with your local Social Security office. Our experts have years of experience in preparing claims, and can answer your questions regarding what information needs to be provided as evidence of your medical disability, and how to prove it.

       Mezrano Law Firm has already worked with clients to help them receive the benefits that they deserve, and we’ll put our knowledge of the Social Security legal process to work for you too.

       Unsure whether or not you  qualify for SSD? Looking for answers on steps to take? Call our Alabama Social Security Disability attorney today to take advantage of our free, no obligation consultation and get on the path receiving the financial assistance that you deserve for your disability.


      Appealing a Denial Decision

      The process consists of four steps:

       Request Consideration: When you request reconsideration, you and your Social Security Disability lawyer will file a dispute within 60 days of receiving the denial letter. At this point, a new examiner will review your application, and you/your attorney will have the option to resubmit new evidence in support of your claim.

       Request a Hearing: If your claim again results in a denial, you can request a hearing for your case, where in you will argue your case in front of a judge. Your attorney will be present to prepare you for the proceedings, find witnesses to testify on your behalf, and submit evidence that could help to show the truth of the claim.

       SSA Appeals Council Review: If your judge rules that you are still ineligible, your attorney can assist you in requesting a review by the Social Security Administration Appeals Council. This council may or may not grant you a hearing.

       File a Lawsuit: If you are not granted a hearing, or if you are but you disagree with the verdict, you can work with your Social Security Disability lawyer to file a lawsuit in order to bring your case in front of the court.



      Long Term & Short Term Disability  ---------

      What Can a Long-Term Disability Attorney Do for Me?

      Employer provided group LTD insurance is governed by ERISA, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, a federal law that provides for very specific procedures and time limits for filing LTD claims. A lawyer experienced with long-term disability claims will know how to abide by the ERISA rules and help you succeed, especially in the following areas.


      Preparing your claims, file for a lawsuit

      Most of the time the federal judge, with very limited exceptions, decides your case based on what’s In the administrative record (your claims file with the insurance company).  An experience lawyer will try to “stack the admin record” with medical, vocational and other favorable evidence before you exhaust your internal appeals with the insurance company.


      • Claim file contains all relevant medical evidence
      • Works with physicians to obtain supportive opinions about your work-related limitations.
      • Know the right questions to ask the doctor. Rather than relying on the biased paperwork provided by your insurance company.


      Short –Term Disability

       Short-Term Disability refers to insurance payments paid to employees who have missed work due to a physical medical condition. A Short-Term Disability policy is typically purchased by the company and the employees are typically required to contribute to the premium payment.

       Even though an employee is required to make his/her need for Short-Term Disability benefits to a company’s HR Department, the company actually has no say into whether or not an employee is entitled to the benefits.  The Short Term Disability carrier makes that decision.

      •  Employer does not have to hold an employee’s position because they are receiving Short-Term Disability benefits.
      • Insurance Companies will fight anything. Most Clear physical injuries will have a greater likelihood of being granted.
      • Emotional/Psychological afflictions are more hotly-contested claims. With proper medical Documentation, such stress related claims are more successful.
      • If you are seeking Workers Compensation benefits, your short term disability benefits will be denied.





      Workers Compensation ---------

      Benefits of Hiring a Workers Compensation Attorney

       A qualified Attorney knows how to interpret workers’ compensation laws and will be able to provide legal guidance and assistance to ensure full recovery of all funds to which the injured worker is entitled. Your employer and its insurance company will always have an experienced attorney representing their interests. You will also be dealing with insurance adjusters who work for the insurance company and whose job it is to pay as little as possible.

       Some of the issues associated with workers’ compensation claim include:

      • Your employer can deny workers’ compensation claims.
      • Employers can stop paying benefits.
      • Employer fraud, which can cause workers to be cheated out of part of all of their workers’ compensation claims.
      • Limitations to workers’ compensation laws and misunderstandings about what they mean.

       A workers compensation attorney representing your interests will help you deal with these issues as well as many others, including returning to work and how your claim is impacted by pension benefits and unemployment compensation.

       Why Do I Need To Hire An Attorney?

      If you are injured at a workplace, you are not on an equal playing field without an attorney. Many employers will try to get you released back to MMI quickly to avoid having to pay additional medical care.


      They will also try to avoid paying you a fair settlement for your disability, which is where attorneys come in to advocate for you to make you are on a level playing field against the employer and workers’ compensation carriers who typically only care about the dollar and not about the person.


      We specialize in helping injury victims because we are passionate about helping those often overlooked by the system. Because there are strict notice time frames that claimants are required to follow in order to preserve a workers’ compensation claim, it is important that you contact a trusted lawyer as soon as possible.





      Slip and Fall  ---------

      How The Mezrano Law Firm can help with your Slip and Fall Case?

       Insurance companies and retail institutions want to settle quickly and pay you as little as possible. They have legions of attorneys who want the best for their client, the insurance company. No matter how nice they sound on the phone, you are vulnerable and alone without an attorney.

       You need the experts at The Mezrano Law Firm to represent your interests. Insurance adjusters want to talk immediately with the victim and most people’s natural inclination is: “I’ll just tell them the truth.” You have more rights than you may be aware of. We don’t want our clients talking to anyone without us.

       Steps To Take To Determine If You Have a Viable Slip and Fall Case.

      If you slip and fall in a public place, you can be your best advocate.

      •  Take all the photos you can at the time.
      • Report the incident to a manager.
      • Take down the names and numbers of witnesses.
      • If you need medical attention, get it immediately.
      • If you can, see if the problem is addressed right away.

       Often our investigators will return to the scene with you to recreate the incident. Our team will contact any witnesses and take the case from there. Your next job is to get better. If you need to see a doctor, follow the treatment plan until you are at 100 percent health.




      PRODUCT LIABILITY  ---------

      The Mezrano Law Firm represents those who have suffered from Drug manufacturers who constantly pressure the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to approve drugs quickly. The FDA gives "fast track" status to numerous drugs, greatly reducing the approval time and often the safety of the drug.

       We offer our clients unique capabilities and resources through our co-counsel team approach in managing mass tort, complex product liability, and pharmaceutical litigation.

      As Many as 200,000 Americans die as a result of adverse reaction and side effects to prescription drugs. In Addition, adverse reactions and side effects associated with common over-the-counter medications have caused serious injury or death to an even greater number of people.


      How The Mezrano Law Firm can Help with a Product Liability Case?

       The lawyers at the Mezrano Law Firm have extensive knowledge in drug litigation. If you or a loved one have been prescribed with a medication and have experienced any dangerous side effects. Our lawyers can explain your legal rights and the compensation that you may be entitled to for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, or loss of enjoyment of life




      MEDICAL MALPRACTICE  ---------

      What does a Medical Malpractice Claim Involve?

      Medical malpractice or medical negligence occurs when a medical provider, whether an anesthesiologist, doctor, surgeon, nurse, dentist, or other health care professional, acts in a manner that deviates from the accepted standard of care in the medical community.

       Our lawyers represent injury victims and families whose medical provider has breached the standard of care in diagnosing or treating a medical condition. We handle medical malpractice and medical negligence claims involving:

      •  Anesthesia errors
      • Birth injuries and pregnancy difficulties
      • Brain injuries and traumatic brain injuries
      • Emergency room errors, delays, and negligent treatment
      • Failure to diagnose or misdiagnoses of a serious illness
      • Medication errors, prescription errors, and pharmacy errors
      • Misdiagnoses or late diagnosis
      • Nursing malpractice and nursing negligence
      • Obstetrical and gynecological malpractice
      • Spinal cord injuries, paraplegia, and quadriplegia
      • Surgical errors
      • Hospital malpractice


      How The Mezrano Law Firm can Help with a Medical Malpractice Case?

      When a patient suffers a devastating injury or dies because of a medical error, the doctor and hospital might not be inclined to provide information about the error to the patient and or family members.


      The Mezrano Law Firm works with highly qualified medical experts who provide an objective opinion about whether the appropriate standard of care was followed.  Claims of malpractice against health care providers and hospitals are generally some of the most difficult types of personal injury and wrongful death cases to win, so it is important to be represented by an experienced Alabama medical malpractice attorney.




      SEXUAL ABUSE  ---------

      Alabama Sexual Abuse Laws

      Sexual abuse charges are broken into two separate classifications: sexual abuse in the first degree and sexual abuse in the second degree.

      First degree sexual abuse charges will be brought against anyone who forces sexual contact against the victim's will. This includes fondling, suggestive rubbing, oral sex, rape, etc. Sexual abuse in the first degree is a felony offense, punishable by up to 10 years in prison and up to $15,000 in fines.

      Second degree sexual abuse charges will be filed against a person (19 years or older) who subjects a victim between the ages of 12 and 16 to sexual contact. Sexual abuse in the second degree is a class A misdemeanor, punishable by up to $6,000 in fines and no more than one year in jail.

      Sexual abuse against a person who is incapable of giving consent because of a physical or mental disability could result in first or second degree charges.

      Child Abuse

      One of the most devastating and tragic events that happens every day in our country is the abuse of children. Child abuse can leave innocent victims scarred for life, both physically and emotionally. It is vital for these children to understand that they are not alone, and the abuse is not their fault.

      Child abuse cases can be very difficult, which is why it is important to get the help of an experienced child abuse attorney to guide you through the process. The lawyers at The Mezrano Law Firm are here to protect the rights of abused Children across Alabama. We Fight, For your Rights!

      What Constitutes Child Abuse?

      Child abuse is defined as anything that puts a child’s emotional and/or physical health and development in danger. The abuse can be anything from physical or emotional abuse to sexual abuse and neglect.

      Physical child abuse is anything that results in a non-accidental injury to the child, such as:

      • Shaking
      • Kicking
      • Hitting
      • Burning
      • Any other type of bodily harm

      Emotional child abuse occurs when the abuser exhibits a behavior or attitude that will interfere with the mental health or social development of that child. This can include:

      • Vulgar language, whether it’s directed towards the child or not
      • Shouting or yelling at the child
      • Name calling
      • Making fun of, belittling or degrading the child

       Sexual abuse refers to any sexual act that occurs between an adult and a child. This includes:

      • Exhibitionism
      • Sexual videos, games, pictures or other images
      • Forced viewing of sexual acts
      • Any other lewd behavior

      Neglect occurs when the caretaker fails to provide the children with the proper items for their development or physical needs. This includes:

      • Improper supervision
      • Unsafe housing
      • Inadequate food or clothing
      • Negligent medical care
      • Poor hygiene

       If you have been injured by child abuse or know someone who has, do not hesitate to see if you have a case against the abuser




    • DIVORCEwc

      DIVORCE & FAMILY LAW   ---------

      Family Law

      As a top Alabama Family Law Firm, The Mezrano Law Firm knows that family values are the most important thing in the world. We know that when a family is faced with these difficult times  they need an Attorney with values.

      The Mezrano Law Firm believes in God, Family and Firm. We can represent you in divorce, spousal support, child custody, child support modifications, adoptions, prenuptial agreements, adoption and, annulments.


      We Understand What You Are Going Through

      No matter what you and your family are going though, Our Attorneys at the Mezrano Law Firm understand the importance of how much is at stake for you and your family. Every case is handled with dedication and compassion, because we know how overwhelming and emotional legal family issues can be. We help each client move forward in a realistic and efficient manner.


                 Alabama Divorce Lawyers

      We provide representation and advice for all aspects of divorce. Contested Divorce, Uncontested Divorce, High-asset Divorce, Divorce for professionals, Property Division, Alimony, Asset Protection, Business Valuation, Grounds for Divorce and Divorce Mediation. Call us today for a Free Divorce Consultation.




      CRIMINAL DEFENSE  ---------

      Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyer

      Facing Serious Criminal Charges In Alabama?

      Regardless of the charges you are facing, being in any type of trouble with the law can be overwhelming. The first thing to remember if you are being arrested or questioned by law enforcement is you do not have to answer any questions without a lawyer present.

      Most of the time when someone is facing criminal charges they feel like they are on their own. The Mezrano Law Firm is here to defend you against the charges you are facing. We take the time to investigate your case and determine the best strategy of defense. We take the time to keep you updated on your case and are always here to answer questions.

      Prosecutors Are Aggressive; You Need a Proactive Defense

      Our Law Firm can provide you with exceptional defense against all criminal Charges including:

      • Domestic violence
      • Drug Charges (including marijuana, methamphetamine, and prescription drugs.)
      • DUI (felony DUI and multiple DUI Charges)
      • Property crimes
      • Violent Crimes (homicide, assault and battery)

      If you or a loved one are facing Criminal Charges the Attorneys at the Mezrano Law firm will prepare your case for court and offer an aggressive defense if your case goes to trail. Our Lawyers may be able to get the charges against your dropped. We will defend your rights, and will be by your side.

















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    We'll call you and provide you with the service details, take a brief description about your case and schedule an appointment for our investigator to meet with you.


    Now all you have to do is continue to recover, while our team puts together a demand packages for the insurance company.